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I am a boardgamer, a programmer, a football fan in Shanghai. I use “titanxxh“ or “仙雾“ as my nickname on English or Chinese websites, respectively.

I built this blog in Sep. 2011 by using wordpress and then abandoned it in Aug. 2013 because of lack of time. Recently, I have managed to resurrect my blog due to my reignited passion for boardgame. Also, this blog was migrated to octopress, then hexo, since I hate the heavy framework of wordpress. As a result, older posts may have some display issues.

I am devoted to popularizing boardgame in China. I have a strong belief that boardgame is more than just game, it also can be a kind of culture.

In this blog, you may read:

  • introductions to both new and classical boardgames
  • opening-box pictures and reviews of boardgames I purchased
  • game rules translation
  • series of articles about my deep insights into a given boardgame

Besides, it is not a surprise to see articles about Brazil football, Ronaldo, Heroes of Might & Magic, Civilization, etc. since I am also a huge fan of these things.





  • 经典游戏和新游戏的介绍
  • 我购入的游戏的开箱照和测评
  • 游戏规则翻译
  • 我的一些游戏感悟,通常是系列文章


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